Discover the Vintage railway

The vintage railroad and station area with locomotive sheds and workshops is exciting for both young and old.

The railroad between Nora and Ervalla is Sweden’s first standard gauge railroad for passenger transportation. It was inaugurated with great celebration in 1856. The railroad came about on a private initiative and was constructed to transport iron, ore and coal to and from Bergslag’s mines and foundries. At the station area you can wander around the railway yard among locomotive sheds and workshops. The lovely station building, which accommodates the tourist office, still has the waiting room with a ticket window. Visitors are welcome to explore the station area by themselves, but keep in mind that crossing the track must be done at special crossing places. The Nora Ervalla railway and associated facilities are protected as an architectural monument.

Take a tour with a steam locomotive

Steam engines and rail-buses depart according to the timetable, from the station building on Saturdays (and certain Fridays) from the beginning of July to the end of August. Travel as they used to and take a trip to Järle station, or Pershyttan via Gyttorp. There is the opportunity to have a coffee break both in Järle station and in Pershyttan. For timetable and tickets visit Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

Visit the Railway Museum

Visit the small Railway Museum in the old goods depot. In earlier times goods were loaded and weighed here before they were sent onward for transportation throughout Sweden and the world. Visit the exhibition with steam engine, wagons and period clothing. The museum also displays old memories from the history of the railway.